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Hungary's most trusted name in real estate

Hungary's most trusted name in real estate

Since its foundation in 2000, our company, Otthon Centrum has become one of the leading agencies of the Hungarian residential real estate market, and it is maintaining this position ever since. The company, beside its core business, as a real estate agency, has gathered many years of experience as a credit intermediary, real estate investment and development consultancy. Otthon Centrum is a member of Biggeorge’s Holding, with members successfully working together in the fields of real estate development, real estate financing, real estate fund management, for several years.

Otthon Centrum serves its clients – sellers, buyers, investors, and last but not least real estate developers operating on the market – utilizing its experience and competence accumulated since the beginning of 2000, when the real estate boom fuelled by government subsidies started.

The changed economical and financial environment has brought new challenges to the entire real estate market. The need of information among the actors of the market is obvious, starting from the households involved in one off real estate transactions, through investors, profiting from the current market conditions, all the way to real estate developers. On the seller side finding the highest, price the market will accept and setting up a successful advertisement strategy is very challenging. To overcome this challenge experience and knowledge gained from a one fold transaction is not sufficient. On the buyer side determining the highest possible amount of discount, finding the most – from financial aspect and from the expected quality – suitable new home on today’s oversupplied market, is growing harder and harder, which underlines the need for real estate agencies, and their services. Setting up an investment strategy, composing the right investment portfolio is also a great challenge. Overcoming this challenge requires detailed information, and deep knowledge of the market. The heightened level of risk of real estate developments demands thorough market analysis and studies carefully examining the demand and supply on the market.

To serve our clients’ needs we combine our decade long sales experience gathered from our nationwide franchise network with the knowledge of the latest market trends We provide wide range of services full services for our clients, from finding the appropriate home, or finding the best financing for a one off purchase, to investment advisory or preparing market studies for real estate development projects.

The success, and high standard of our activities is not only confirmed by our several ten thousands of satisfied clients served throughout the years, or the largest portfolio on the real estate market, but also by numerous professional acknowledgements. Our country wide network has received the title of “The best real estate agent of the year” awarded by The Hungarian Real Estate Association eight times, as well as the award of “Innovation in real estate brokerage”, and we are proud owners of “Franchise network of the year” title. Otthon Centrum received the “Superbrands” title for the sixth year running and the “MagyarBrands” title from 2010 each year.

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